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January 9, 2008

Understanding Exposure

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I’m trying to be serious with my new hobby – photography.  Since I bought my XTi, I’ve been reading informations and other people’s reviews about different type of lenses.  I would love to get a macro lens someday (probably in the next two months or so).  And like I’ve said, I need a camera bag badly.  I was tad happy to see that it arrived and the Understading Exposure book.

I decided to sell my Balenciaga Greige coin purse and (settled) for a Coach silver mini-wristlet.  As much as I love accessories, I can’t keep up!  LOL.  Besides, I really don’t bring a lot of cards with me except the necessary – debit card, calling card and a couple of store cards and discount cards.  Here is a picture of the new “wallet” and the B coin purse (on its way to a new owner tomorrow).

Its such a nice day today!  I went to see my doctor and he said I should go back to work.  LOL.  I’m happy and sad with that thought.  Happy because I can go back to my “normal” life once again and kinda sad because no more getting up late for me.  Haha… But I am seriously looking forward to going back to work and just staying positive and focused on everything I do. 


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